Mt Fuji & Darma Doll: Green Tea Cookie Icing Decoration workshop with Yuta Hasumi


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Mt Fuji & Darma Doll Green Tea Biscuit Icing Decoration workshop with Yuta Hasumi - Ikigai Biscuit London

Join Yuta from Ikigai Biscuit London for a special Japanese new year themed cookie icing decoration workshop. 

Traditionally dreaming of Mt Fuji and Darma doll is believed to bring you good luck for the new year in Japan.  In this workshop, to make this dream come true, Yuta will share his immaculate techniques to draw Mt Fuji with a sunrise and Darma dolls using icing to decorate delicious green tea cookies especially prepared for this workshop by Ikigai Biscuits London.  

Date: 23rd January 2021, Saturday

Time: 14:00-16:00 (2 hours lesson)

Instructor's profile: Yuta Hasumi

Online tool:  ZOOM (link will be sent to you after your purchase**)

Ticket Price:

  • £35 - including green tea cookies to decorate at the workshop and 1st class shipping within the mainland U.K.

(Incl. first class shipping fee inside the mainland UK. Please see the below photo for green tea cookies which will be sent to you by the instructor.)

Ticket sales will close at 5pm on 17th January 2021, Sunday.

Precautions: Over 5 years old ( children under 8 may need adult's supervision.) 

Please read the Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them before you submit your form.

**If you don't receive any information one day before the class, please send an email here:

* Left image: Decorated cookies you'll make at the workshop

* Right image: Green tea cookies included in the material pack you will receive directly from the instructor prior to the workshop. Please note the cookies include following allergens: gluten-wheat, egg and dairy product-butter.

Workshop plan

The cookies will be shipped to participants prior to the workshop.  Participants will need to prepare icing and equipment in advance. ( You will receive a detailed instruction for preparing icing prior to the workshop.)

Please be prepared 10 minutes before the workshop starts.

  1. Greeting
  2. Yuta will demonstrate how to make icing sugar (both firm and soft).
  3. Start decorating 2 shapes of cookies - Darma doll and Mt Fuji with a sunrise.
  4. Draw the embankment around the edge of cookies with the firm sugar.
  5. Pour the soft sugar onto the cookies and dry them.
  6. Finish decorating the cookies 

List of ingredients needed for the class

Please prepare icing from the ingredients below prior to the workshop and keep them in the fridge.  Please refer to Yuta's instruction sheet ( which will be sent to you prior to the workshop) when preparing the icing.

  1. Icing Sugar 900g
  2. Egg white x 4 ( approximately 120grams)
  3. Water 
  4. Food colouring ( red, blue, black and ivory)

From the above ingredients, please prepare the following coloured/uncoloured icing;

  1. Black - 50g
  2. White - 150g
  3. Red - 200g
  4. Blue - 100g
  5. White - 100g
  6. Uncoloured - 300g

Please keep them in the fridge once made.

* image of icing you would need to prepare prior to the workshop

Equipment needed for the class

Please prepare this equipment by yourself before the workshop starts.

  1. Piping bags and/or squeeze bottles
  2. Toothpicks 
  3. Spatula or other kitchenware to lift up cookies
  4. Baking tray or baking sheets
  5. Oven ( if possible ) * will be used for drying 

* Image of equipment you will need for the workshop