Sado (Japanese Tea Ceremony) Online Workshop: Intermediate course with Yuko Boff


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Sado 茶道” online workshop with Yuko Boff

Intermediate course :"Obon-date" Usucha - serving on a tray (90min x 3 lessons)

Long used to welcome honoured guests and mark significant occasions, the ancient Japanese Tea Ceremony involves much more than preparing and serving tea. Sometimes known as the Way of Tea, it brings together many elements of Japanese culture, art and nature. 

Yuko Kobayashi Boff is a member and lecturer of the “Omotesenke Tea School and currently practices both in Japan and London. 

In this course, she will introduce you to “Obon-date” (Usucha – thin green powder tea- serving on a tray). She will teach you the procedure of “Obon-date” step by step and will show you some techniques.

Join Yuko and find out how the Tea Ceremony offers a tranquil and beautiful space to clear the mind and soothe the soul. 

Dates for Intermediate course ( 90min x 3 lessons):

  • Day 1:  24th April 2021, Saturday 
  • Day 2:  8th May 2021, Saturday 
  • Day 3 : 22nd May 2021, Saturday 

Time: 14:00 - 15:30 ( 1.5 hours lesson each day)

Instructor's profileYuko Boff

Online tool:  ZOOM (link will be sent to you after your purchase**)

Ticket Price:

  • £60 - Single person ticket to participate all 3 lesson of Intermediate course

Ticket sales will close at 5pm on 23rd April 2021 Friday.

Precautions: Over 18 years old, suitable if you have completed Yuko's Beginners course or learned "Sado" previously.

Please read the Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them before you submit your form.

**If you don't receive any information one day before the class, please send an email here:


Workshop plan

Please be prepared 10 minutes before the workshop starts.

Day 1

  1. Demonstrate of「お盆点て」“Obon-date” ( serving 薄茶 -thin green powder tea- on a tray)
  2. Introduce how to use  「服紗」“Fukusa” (a silk cloth)

Day 2

  1. Learn how to do ” Obon-date” step by step

    Day 3

    1. Practise and complete “Obon-date”

    Yuko will have Q&A time in each session.

    Equipment needed for the class

    Please prepare this equipment by yourself before the 1st lesson starts. 

    1. "茶碗: Cha-wan" (tea bowl)
    2. "茶筅: Cha-sen" (tea whisk)
    3. ”茶杓: Cha-shaku" (tea scoop or any spoon)
    4. ”茶巾: Cha-kin" ( linen cloth)
    5. "抹茶: Maccha" ( ceremonial grade green tea powder)
    6. “服紗: Fukusa” (a double layered silk cloth of 28cm x 27cm ) *see below for more details
    7. お盆:“Obon” ( a serving tray- preferably a round one)
    8. Any kind of sweets of your choice: chocolates, biscuits, dates etc.
    9. A bowl/ cereal bowl to dispose water during the class

    * Image of equipment you will need for the workshop ( from left to right: 1. Tea Bowl, 2. Tea Whisk and 3 Tea Scoop.)

    Further information on "Fukusa" cloth

    You could purchase one or make one on your own using either silk or cotton cloth – please use a thick cloth or make it double layered to be sewn together if a cloth is thin. It should be 28cm x 27cm ideally. Although ladies use “Fukusa” in vermillion and gentlemen in purple in the Omotesenke style, it can be any colour.

    If you prefer to purchase one in the Omotesenke style, please click these suggested online retailer’s links for ladies’ “Fukusa” and gentlemen’s “Fukusa”.

    * Above right: image of the “Fukusa” cloth for ladies in the "Omotesenke" style. ( Made in Japan silk “Fukusa”. )