Shodo(Japanese Calligraphy) Workshop: "Zen"&" Isshin- one focused mind" with Akemi Lucas


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Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Workshop Part 2 : ”禅 - Zen ”& “一心 - Isshin: one focused mind"

Date:  21st November 2020, Saturday

Time:  10:30-12:30 (2 hours lesson)

Instructor's profile:   Akemi Lucas

Online tool:  ZOOM (link will be sent to you after your purchase**) 

Ticket Price:

  • £25 - Single person ticket 
  • £40 - Family ticket (allows 2 person with 1 access) 

Ticket sales will end on 20th November 2020, Friday

Ticket Price including calligraphy equipment:
  • £70 - Single person ticket with 1 equipment set
  • £85 - Family ticket with 1 equipment set
  • £130 - Family ticket with 2 equipment sets

(Incl. first class shipping fee inside the mainland UK. Please see below for equipment details and the photo.)

Ticket sales including equipment will end on 15th November 2020, Sunday.

Precautions: Over 15 years old

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To join the workshop please purchase before 17:00 on 20th November

* image of instructions you'll practice at workshop - "禅 - Zen" & "一心- Isshin: one focused mind"

image of Students at on-site workshop

<Workshop plan>
Please be prepared 10 minutes before the workshop starts.
1. Greeting and explaining the workshop plan
2. Brush warm-up exercise
Explanation of the forms of Kanji characters
4. Regular style brush basic practice
   (10 minutes break)
5. Explaining the stroke orders and balance of Kanji : ”One focused mind" & ”Zen”
6. Finalise the artworks of two kanjis.
7. Q&A Time
(finish workshop)


Akemi will assess your work for comments by sending your work through HYPER JAPAN after the workshop.

<Equipment needed for the class>
Please prepare this equipment by yourself before the workshop starts.
1. Japanese Calligraphy Brush (Thick)
2. Black calligraphy ink 
3. Calligraphy - Hanshi - paper (Around 30 paper will be needed)
4. Ink Stone or a small plate for ink
5. Cloth (Felt): put under the paper.
6. Paperweight (or anything heavy to put on the paper or Washi paper to fix)

      💫 Details of Calligraphy set for sale 
      1 x Calligraphy - Hanshi - Paper set (contains 100 pieces)
      1 x Black Calligraphy Ink bottle
      1 x Brush (Thick) : Koshu Original
      1 x Cloth (Felt) to put under the paper